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Quality Life Herbs is committed to providing the highest quality Chinese herbs to our customers.  Products offered by our company have been carefully selected by experienced practitioners in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Originally established to provide herbs to assist with women's health, the product list has expanded to provide a number of herbs that meet wellness needs for all adults.

Founded in 1997 by Fern Tsao and her daughter Maureen Tsao, both of whom practice acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quality Life Herbs is a family owned and operated mail order business located in Yarmouth, Maine.

Fern and Maureen Tsao have been the acupuncturists for Dr. Christiane Northrup and her family for nearly twenty years, and contributors to her books and newsletters. Dr. Northrup is a leading authority on women's health, and is the author of the best selling books Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and the more recent Wisdom of Menopause.